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1% for the Planet

Posted by Aaron Higgins on

Our where is the San Francisco Bay Area. Your where? Maybe here, maybe elsewhere. But wherever it is, it’s where you call home.

Our goods honor that sense of place. We celebrate local love and creative adventures, with nostalgia and new-wave spirit, from California to the horizon.

And without taking care of our planet, there will be no home for any of us. That's why we've joined 1% for the Planet. 1% for the Planet focuses on six primary areas: climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife — all of which are fundamental to helping us all reach the farther horizon while staying true to our roots.

Join us on the road, and join us in our support of 1% for the Planet. Whether that's choosing to shop with brands that are part of the effort, volunteering and donating to nonprofits working to combat climate change, or just doing your individual part to make decisions that are good for this place we call home.

Learn more about the movement:

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