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Staff Pick: San Jose Tattoo

Posted by Angela Tsay on

This month’s Staff Pick is the San Jose Tattoo. San Jose’s tattoo culture is vibrant and rich, and definitely deserves our attention.

An innovative and timeless art form, tattooing has always had a home in the Bay Area. Though tattoos have always been popular in the west, the art form skyrocketed in popularity when Janis Joplin got her first two tattoos from Lyle Tuttle at his tattoo shop on Seventh Street in San Francisco.

When Ed Hardy opened America’s first custom-only shop in San Francisco in 1974, Realistic Tattoo, the art form continued to progress. Shops began to move away from flash tattoos and began to offer more and more custom work.

As tattooing spread through the United States, cities popped up on the map and boasted their own style and tattoo story. San Jose has proven to have a unique tattoo style and story, which we hope to recognize every time we wear this tee. This tee is also available in white for men, and in a women’s cut.

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