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CPS Checkback: Sprouts Cooking Club

Posted by Angela Tsay on

We are proud to have partnered with a great organization like Sprouts Cooking Club, a San Francisco based nonprofit that aims to teach Bay Area kids from all different socio-economic backgrounds the value and magic of cooking. From using fresh, quality ingredients, to working with trained chefs, to teaching in a real restaurant setting, Sprouts creates a hands-on experience for children to sink their teeth into. Each month we team up with a local nonprofit as a part of our CPS (Community Partner Spotlight) program and donate a portion of our web proceeds directly to the organization. We feel that as members of the community it is our duty to give back to hardworking nonprofits, like Sprouts Cooking Club, and help those in need. Here is a short interview we did with Sophie from Sprouts Cooking Club, as she gives us an update on what they have been up to!  

1) It’s been over half a year since we partnered with you guys. Can you give us some updates on what’s new with Sprouts?

We’ve been keeping very busy here at Sprouts! We have been awarded two full-time Americorps members to expand our Chef-in-Training program, which we’re very excited about! This will allow us to provide this amazing opportunity to 10 new apprentices this year! We’ve also held two amazing fundraisers, one at Wingtip and another at Jardiniere, which helped us to raise over $10,000 to help support and grow our programming! Not only is our Chef-in-Training program growing, but our Summer Programming and our After School Enrichment programming are flourishing as well! We’re gearing up to run 11 jam-packed weeks of summer camps starting in June, where we will be visiting a ton of amazing restaurants and farms like Cowgirl Creamery, Hog Island, Tartine Bakery and Delfina! We will also be getting ready to teach our healthy cooking classes in over thirty schools come Fall- nearly doubling our current After School Enrichment program!!

2) Why do you think cooking specifically is such an important and effective tool in reaching kids?

Cooking not only allows us to grow our creativity, but is unique in that it directly affects our everyday lives. When we teach children how to cook with healthy, whole foods, we’re teaching them independence. Once they can cook for themselves, they can choose exactly what they put in their body. And by teaching them nutritious options, we can help them make better choices for themselves!

3) What are some ways people can get involved and help support Sprouts?

We love our community and encourage anyone who has a love for food and working with children to introduce themselves to us! We can always find a spot on our team for someone who is passionate! Currently, we accept volunteers to help out at our weekend events and after school classes, and are always looking for interns who want to gain experience working in a culinary nonprofit! You can check out our volunteer page here or email our Team Director for more information! 

4) What are some of your major goals for the rest of 2016?

Currently, we are working on growing our after school program! We’d love to be able to provide healthy cooking classes to children from all backgrounds all over the Bay Area! We are also working diligently on increasing our reach to new restaurants, farms, groceries, and even volunteers!

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