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Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Dual Exploration

Posted by Milton Williams on

As the winter weather continues to dump powder in the Sierra Nevada and bombard the rest of California with heavy rainfall, many of our Brand Ambassadors are lacing up their boots, throwing on a favorite beanie and getting out into the wild!

Well when it comes Brandon and Karissa of Dual Exploration, they did all that and more when they packed their bags, tossed on some Never Elsewhere gear, and headed to the great outdoors! Karissa showed us exactly why our women's eagle tank has been a staple with vendors, Brand Ambassadors and with online sales, while Brandon gave us a friendly reminder that while California is known for its sunshine, surfing, and proper tacos, there are plenty of Californians that are grinning ear to ear when the snowflakes start to fall from the sky.

Never Elsewhere is thankful for all the hard work that our Brand Ambassadors put in to help spread word of our company and of our products. So thanks to Karissa, Brandon and to all of you who take Never Elsewhere on the road with you! 


Be sure to check out the Never Elsewhere lifestyle, product shots and pictures from their adventures on both Brandon's and Karissa's Instagrams, along with the Dual Exploration website!

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