Community Partner Spotlight: Bridge to Skate

August 03, 2016

We are proud to announce Bridge to Skate as our Community Partner Spotlight throughout the month of August!

The 4 D's: Dream big, Develop a strong plan, Discover how, Do it! These four principles are what drive Bridge to Skate. The Costa Mesa based nonprofit looks to enable youth to broaden their life skills through experiences in and around skateboarding.

Bridge to Skate empowers today’s youth to take control of their lives, using skateboarding as a vehicle for creative expression and a way of owning their own wheels. With ownership comes pride; with pride comes responsibility. And with support comes a safe and secure organizational structure that enables kids to reach their full potential. 

Young adult years are a challenge for everyone, regardless of age or socioeconomic conditions. Bridge to Skate is based on the idea that skateboarding offers a joyful experience and shared sense of purpose – and that by participating together, kids can develop the skills they need to support each other and their community, and to determine their own destiny.

From now through the end of August, Never Elsewhere will donate 10% of our online proceeds to Bridge to Skate.