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Community Partner Spotlight: EARN

Posted by Kenta Maniwa on

We are proud to announce EARN as our Community Partner Spotlight throughout the month of July!

America is in the midst of a savings crisis. Approximately one out of every two American households are considered “financially fragile” according to the Federal Reserve Bank, whose recent study found that 47% of respondents in a national survey could not cover an unexpected $400 expense without going into debt.

EARN has launched an ambitious strategy to tackle America’s savings crisis head on. EARN is pioneering a new approach to savings, one which provides a range of flexible savings programs designed specifically for and with low-to-moderate income consumers. They call it the Starter Savings Program – learn more at

Since EARN’s founding in 2001, more than 6,500 low-income households in California have invested $7 million of their own money into the assets and savings that bring lasting prosperity. EARN’s Savers have a household income below $21,000/year, but they beat the odds by saving an average of $112 per month, increasing their economic stability and preparing them to leverage their assets into even greater gains for themselves and their families.

From now through the month of July, Never Elsewhere will donate 10% of our online proceeds to EARN.  

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