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Community Partner Spotlight: Hip Hop for Change

Posted by Angela Tsay on

Hip Hop for Change (HHC) uses grassroots activism to educate people about socio-economic injustices and advocate solutions through hip hop culture.  This Oakland-based nonprofit raises funds for local causes that enrich marginalized and historically oppressed communities. 

HipHopForChange uses hip hop as a tool and a positive cultural exchange in several ways:

  1. Education.  Events push conscious hip hop artists to the forefront to talk about the issues that afflict the Hood. With these events, HHC builds a positive platform for conscious artists. Events are also a fun way for communities to unite and celebrate collective action, giving context for conscious art as it relates to social trends in our communities.  Mentors work with youth in advocating hip hop as a means of expression to deal with and narrate the challenges that American youth are facing.
  2. Empowerment.  HHC employs people from the hip hop community with jobs that pay well and fit their aspirations. These jobs promote a positive culture and teach new artists skills they can potentially use to market their own music and communicate their message.  
  3. Efficacy.  HHC raises funds to make an impact on the very communities in which hip hop has its roots, working in coalition with other social justice organizations to amplify impact.

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