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Community Partner Spotlight: WestCoast Children's Clinic

Posted by Milton Williams on

Never Elsewhere is proud to announce WestCoast Children's Clinic as our Community Partner for the month of October!

WestCoast Children’s Clinic, located in Oakland, California, is a non-profit community psychology clinic that has provided mental health services to Bay Area children since 1979.

Their mission is threefold: 1) to provide psychological services to vulnerable children, adolescents, and their families regardless of their ability to pay; 2) to train the next generation of mental health professionals; and 3) to improve services to children and families by conducting research on the impact of clinical services, and utilizing findings to advocate on behalf of the children they serve. WestCoast Children's Clinic serve over 1,700 children annually, sixty-five percent of whom are currently in foster care, with the remaining at risk of entering foster care.

For each of the 1,700 children who come to WestCoast Children’s Clinic – from the child who comes to the Assessment Center in his first hour removed from his family, to the teen preparing to live on her own after foster care – WestCoast Children's Clinic provides someone to help restore their sense of hope and faith, someone to talk to when things fall apart and to help them see themselves and their possibilities differently.

We are happy to announce that Never Elsewhere will donate 10% of October's web proceeds to WestCoast Children's Clinic!

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