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Community Partnership Spotlight: California Pit Bull Rescue

Posted by Milton Williams on

Never Elsewhere is proud to announce that we have partnered with California Pit Bull Rescue as our Community Partnership Spotlight for the month of June!

California Pit Bull Rescue is organized for the purpose of rescuing at risk dogs and facilitating social change to abolish the abuse, over breeding, and mis-education surrounding the Pit Bull breed. California Pit Bull rescue achieves these goals through a San Francisco Bay Area fostering network, fundraising programs, educational initiatives and financial and physical support for needy guardians of the dogs.

All proceeds donated to California Pit Bull Rescue go toward their mission goals including awareness initiative, providing food, supplies, housing, training and medical care for the dogs they take into their rescue program. California Pit Bull Rescue strives to house their dogs in foster homes where they can decompress and learn how to be loved, well-mannered and secure family members. 

10% of Never Elsewhere's web proceeds during the month of June will go directly to California Pit Bull Rescue!

To learn more about California Pit Bull Rescue and their efforts, be sure to visit their website, Instagram, YouTube and FaceBook.

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