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Guest Blog Post by California Through My Lens

Posted by Milton Williams on

As a huge fan of road trips, my wife Amie and I set out to explore the Oregon and Washington coasts over a 5 day period. Armed with a rental car, two cameras and some Never Elsewhere gear we started the adventure.


The Oregon coastline is one of the best road trips you can take in the entire United States as it goes past some of North America’s most beautiful places. I couldn’t believe that each day got more and more impressive with highlights being caves, beaches, wildlife and viewpoints. Here are some of the best spots we saw along the way.



Starting from the South, this is one of the first beaches you will see that will take your breath away. There are two beaches here, North and South and picking a favorite would be impossible as they were both amazing.



In the North end of Gold’s Beach you will see this old shipwreck right near the road. It is a great stop as it is still beached there to this day and is great for photography



This is one of those parks that is stunning if you have 5 minutes to see it or an hour. If you have only a short period of time you will want to just look from above, but if you have more time you can actually make your way down into the cave itself and it was one of the best experiences we had on the road trip.



As one of the most popular places in Oregon, almost everyone has heard of Cannon Beach. It was a little anti-climactic to me as it had been built up so much, but It was still a good stop. If you get there on a weekday then you can actually find parking and get the rock mainly to yourself, which is hard to beat.



This is the first highlight in Washington, but it was also one of the top things we did during out 4 days. This beach on the Olympic Peninsula was covered in massive pieces of driftwood along pretty much the entire beach. It was pretty crazy to see in the grey fog that rolled in.



Heading back inland towards Seattle will take you past this easy to access waterfall. Located about 5 miles off the road you can drive almost all the way to it. When you get close it is about a .25 mile walk to the base of the falls. It’s a great stop since it is so easy to access for such a majestic waterfall.


Thanks to Never Elsewhere for letting me have a chance to share my adventure with you guys. Be sure to let me know what your favorite spots are in the comments and you can read more about this adventure here, watch a video on it here or browse California adventures here.

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