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Vendor Spotlight: Sports Basement

Posted by Aaron Higgins on

With over six locations, Sports Basement is the place to go for all your athletic & adventure needs in the Bay Area. But it’s more than just a simple sporting goods store. On top of carrying high-quality gear at low prices, it’s also a community center, a place to hangout, a hub, a place local athletes meet up, a space for club meetings and fundraisers, and more. In addition, Sports Basement feels like a small shop, with handmade signs and great customer service. Their employees are active community members, like local coaches, instructors, outdoor enthusiasts, teachers, and students, so you know they have a personal investment and sense of pride for their work. Much like our brand, Sports Basement aims to provide quality while serving the community. That’s why we’re so proud to have our Never Elsewhere shirts stocked at Sports Basement. Stop by one of their locations and see what they have to offer and make sure to check them out online at!

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