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Never Elsewhere's sister company, Oaklandish was founded in Oakland, California — historically a hotbed of renegade activity, where boundaries are redefined and trends are created rather than followed — it was to help encourage the continuation of a "trailblazers' legacy." They first created the Oakland Innovators Award, a fund that offered annual grants to those organizations and individuals who are doing pioneering work in our community.

Similarly, as Never Elsewhere has bridged the gap from Oakland to the rest of the United States, the idea of giving back has never left us. We donate a portion of the proceeds from every shirt sold to local non-profits. These donations are meant to offer financial rewards to local organizations in your community that exemplify the values of innovation and progress in all areas of civic life: including arts, education, technology, and business. The non-profit recipients represent a wide range of social interests and populations, and are not restricted by any political agenda.